Singles events vs online dating

Singles Events vs Online Dating

Singles events vs online dating
Would you rather have access to 300 singles and your face in your phone, or 30 singles in a lovely bar? Let's compare - singles events vs online dating.

Have you ever thought about the differences between singles events vs online dating? In this article we dive into both.

You’ll either love it, or hate it.

That goes for both or in-person singles events or online dating. But don’t knock either of them until you’ve tried them!

Here we look at some of the pros and cons of singles events vs online dating so you can make an informed decision about which is for you. 

Obviously we’re a little bit biased though – singles events all the way!

Pros & Cons - In-person Singles Events vs Online Dating

Right then – let’s take a look at singles events vs online dating? What do we like and dislike about them?

Singles Events

Singles events have been around for many years but became a bit of an after thought when the first mainstream dating app,, launched in 1995 (wow that’s actually ages ago). 

But they’re back, baby! 

Here are a few things you need to know about singles events. 

Pros of singles events

Immersive social experience

In-person social events are fun. 

They give you the chance to increase your confidence levels, especially when it comes to dating, and they’re a great opportunity to make friends and broaden your social circle with ease.

We recommend you attend our events alone and really immerse yourself into the experience.

In-person interaction

There’s nothing quite like seeing someone’s body language – that’s something you don’t get with online dating, but you get in bucket loads at a singles event.

It’s so much easier to gauge chemistry and compatibility when you’re stood facing someone in real life.

New friendships

It’s amazing to look around the room at a Single & Mingle event and see new friendships forming. It’s common for people to leave our events with one or two numbers of fellow singles they can socialise with.

There’s a good chance you’ll catch someone’s eye, of course, but come with an open mind and willingness to meet new people and make new friends.

Cons of singles events


Although affordable, there’s a ticket fee for our events. 

This allows us to continue to attract 70% new people to each event, offer our post-event connection request service, and work with the best venues (there are lots of other reasons we need to charge too).

Attending a singles event also means spending money on transport, drinks, and maybe even childcare.

Social anxiety

Sometimes, walking into a room full of people for the first time, at a venue you might not have been to before, can make you feel awkward or anxious. 

We have welcoming hosts, fun ice-breakers, and conversation starters to help reduce these feelings.

No shows

We try really hard to achieve a 50/50 split of ladies and gents at all of our events. And we aim to get 30 or more singles booked on and through the door. But this isn’t always possible.

On a night with 40 bookings and a 50/50 split, 10 ladies might not show up. Whoever turns up on the night, you’ll have a great time – that we’re sure of.

Online Dating

As mentioned above, the first dating app launched in the 90s, and is still going strong now. And there are now a plethora of dating apps on the market for you to choose from. Many are tailored to specific interests too.

Might online dating work for you? 

Let’s take a look…

Pros of online dating

Convenience & Flexibility

We all run ridiculously busy lives and so going out might not be something you get much time to do. 

With online dating, you can whip open a dating app or two whilst you’re on the bus, eating your lunch, or sat on the loo (whatever works for you).

Dating apps are accessible 24/7 which means you have oodles of singles at your fingertips whenever you fancy. Except for Thursday, which only lets you date, you guessed it, on a Thursday (we love this concept).


We can’t stress enough how wide the pool of singles is when dating online. But are they quality singles? 

You can filter down based on demographic, interests, sexual preference, and so much more, meaning you only see singles that you’re likely to be in to.

New singles will pop into the infinite scroll daily so you should always get variety.

No awkwardness

Online conversations can help break the ice and reduce the initial awkwardness of a first-meet. 

You can get a feel for someone’s morals, values, and interests, and decide whether you want to meet them in person or not. 

If you decide not to, there’s zero awkwardness – unless you bump into them in the street, of course! 

Cons of online dating


Many dating apps, like Tinder, place a heavy emphasis on profile photos.

Like books, we’re judged by our cover, so just be prepared for people to base their swipe-left or swipe-right decisions on appearance alone.

If you choose to embark on an online dating journey, we highly recommend working with our sister company, We Just Clicked, who will create you an enviable dating profile that gets you noticed.


Some singles exaggerate or lie about their personal information, interests, or relationship intentions.

This can lead to disappointment or wasted time when meeting someone who is not as they appeared online. It’s effectively false advertising!

Never meet with someone unless you know they’re real and authentic!


For those who haven’t heard of ghosting, it’s when someone cuts you off with no warning whatsoever.

And it happens a lot. Imagine talking to someone for days on end and then not getting a reply to your last message, but you’ve no idea why.

It can feel hurtful and frustrating, so watch out for this.

Singles Events vs Online Dating - which is for you?

So, you’ve had a look at some of the pros and cons of both singles events and online dating.

Do you know which might work best for you?

Want to meet singles in real life?

Single & Mingle offers something slightly different to your regular dating experience. Whether you’re brand new to dating, or are a seasoned dater, get yourself down to your local singles night and meet lots of people under one roof.