Get the most out of a singles event

5 ways to get the most out of a singles event

Get the most out of a singles event
Attending a singles event can be daunting. Check out our top tips to get the most out of a singles event and date like a pro!

As the well known saying goes…

You get out of it what you put into it!

Whether you’re a regular singles night goer, or it’s your first time, it can certainly set your nerves off.

To help you get the most of your Single & Mingle experience we wanted to share a handful of ways you can boss your time at a singles night.

1 - Dress to impress

Well, what we mean by that is, dress as though you were going out for a meal with friends somewhere nice at the weekend.

First impressions count, so make sure you opt for an outfit that makes you look great and feel as confident as possible. Make sure you’ve not spilled your dinner down your top before leaving the house – and ensure your clothes are ironed!

2 - Show an interest

When you’re in a conversation with someone, show an interest and ask them questions. 

Whether you fancy them or not, everyone deserves to feel welcome and included, so be polite, and give them your time and attention. You’ll find that if you do this with them, they’ll do the same in return.

3 - Split off from your friends

95% of attendees come alone to a singles event, but some are joined with friends or people they met at a previous event.

If you’re coming with mates, please try to split off from one another. We occasionally find that those who arrive together, stay together, and don’t fully immerse themselves into the Single & Mingle experience.

The more people you speak to, the more enjoyable the event will be.

4 - If you're rejected, move on

Ok, so that might sound a little harsh! 

If you get along with someone and feel a spark, remember that the feeling might not be mutual, so if someone doesn’t want to swap details, they’re not for you!

Simply end your conversation at the next, most comfortable opportunity, and respect their decision.

5 - Have fun

Singles events are not just about finding your perfect partner, but also about enjoying yourself and meeting interesting people. Approach the event with a relaxed, positive, fun-loving attitude, and you’ll have such a fun time.

At most events we also have a game or two for you to play, like Jenga! 

Want to meet singles in real life?

Single & Mingle offers something slightly different to your regular dating experience. Whether you’re brand new to dating, or are a seasoned dater, get yourself down to your local singles night and meet lots of people under one roof.